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Price: Estimates Only


● Lifetime warranty

● Camera inspection

● City requirements, permits, utility line spots, barricades, shoring

● Trench digging (average depth 9ft if the home has a basement)

● Installation of new 4’’ sewer line PVC or SDR and clean outs

● Grade and leak testing

● Trench backfilling and property cleanup

● 4-5 day project, depending on city inspections


Ensure all City requirements are met.

Day One: Excavate and expose the sewer line, allowing continued usage.

Day Two: Cut and replace the old failing sewer line, establish proper grade, leak

test, call in city inspections, and barricade the exposed trench.

Day Three: Wait for inspection.

Day Four: Backfill and compact trench, clean up property

Price: $8900.00 up to 80ft of replacement (excludes having to dig in street)


● Lifetime warranty

● Camera inspection

● City requirements, permits, utility line spots, barricades, shoring

● Digging two 4’x 4’ pits on both ends of sewer line

● Pulling a new 4” HDPE pipe through the current failing sewer line

● Grade and leak testing

● Backfilling pits

● 2-3 day project


Ensure all city requirements are met.

Day One: Excavate the two 4’x4’’ pits, set up the winch system, and pull the new

HDPE pipe.

Day Two: Pass inspection, backfill pits, and clean up property.

Price: $100 per linear foot minimum $2,500


● 10-year manufacturer warranty


City requirements.

Day One: Pre-camera inspection, cast iron descale, and hydro jet to clean out

scale and debris.

Day Two: Pipe drying, epoxy application, two-hour drying time, post-inspection.

Price: $50 per linear foot


● 5-year no-backup warranty


● Scale buildup removal with a high-speed flex shaft machine, hydro jet to remove debris, and post-inspection.

● Main Sewer Line: Starting at $497 ***Call for an estimate

● High-pressure cleaning to remove root and other blockages, with a 1-year

no backup warranty and post-inspection.

● Secondary (Kitchen) Line: $150

● High-pressure cleaning to remove FOG (fats, oils, & greases), with a 1-year

no back up warranty and post-inspection.

Main Sewer Line: $200 (limited to 75 ft)

Secondary Line: $75 (limited to 50 ft)

Price: $75 (If standard access is not available for cleaning or inspection purposes)


● Removal

● Reset

● New Wax Ring

Price: $175 with standard access


● HD video camera inspection

● Written Report

● Delivered Via Email within 24hrs

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